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Lyndsey Jones is the founder and director of iCalami Limited, taking an agile, collaborative approach to driving business transformation, customer engagement, retention and revenue growth. Expert on performance-driven change management. Author of Going Digital: what it takes for smoother transformations. Coaches on audience-centric content strategies for editorial and commercial executives. 
Keynote speaker and panel moderator. Panel moderator at Wan-Ifra's world congress in Taiwan, 2023; Oslo Newsroom Summit 2023; Wimbledon Book Festival on AI, 2023; Keynote at INMA conference 2022.

As a former executive editor of the Financial Times, Lyndsey successfully drove the transformation of the FT's editorial operations from print to digital, devised and implemented an audience-centric content strategy as well as reduced the number of underperforming stories so more time could be spent on value-added investigative journalism to boost revenue and grow subscriptions. 

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network of experienced C-suite level industry experts who can give insights, strategic advice and gold-standard consulting on how to make change happen and grow your business

They collaborate with a wide range of businesses to develop customer-centric data, content and audience strategies to increase revenue and build engagement. They are experts in change management practices, having had the real-life experience of transforming culture and mindset, adapting a start-up approach to legacy organisations.

iCalami consulting - bespoke strategies that deliver success

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